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Club managers have been asking how to submit two different addresses of one club.

There actually are a few common scenarios, and the current system is adapted to fit them all well.

Consider the following:

1. One club / one venue, venue same as HQ/office
Usually, one club has / plays in one venue. Also, the headquarters / office is also there. Then, that venue's address should be entered while creating or editing a club.

2. One club / one venue, venue different from HQ/office
If the club has one venue, but the office has a different address, then the office address should be entered on user profile page, and venue's address should be entered on the same page, where all other facilities of the club are described, also placing a link to a user profile in club's "Description" field.

An example:
Flukey Feathers Badminton Club, venue

Flukey Feathers Badminton Club, office

3. One club / few venues
Sometimes, players of one club play in a few different venues.
If that's the case, those venues should be entered as separate clubs, as it is very likely that not only the addresses, but also the facilities available are different.
Just don't forget to name those venues the same as the club name, but adding a district name or a street name in brackets, for example "Capital Badminton Club (Antakalnio st.)".
The office address and contacts should be entered in user's profile.

If there are any further questions, don't hesistate to comment this post, or use the contact form.
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