We help players to

  • Find sport clubs nearby, evaluate and compare them
  • Find other players to practice with
  • Join and participate in communities
  • Find coaches if there's need for training (coming up)

We help clubs to

  • Get access to potential customers (with their permission of course)
  • Structure and present information about the club and its facilities in a well organized directory
  • Communicate news and announcements to existing customers
  • Organize and promote community sport events

We help coaches to (coming up)

  • Find players interested in being coached
  • Maintain their profile and recommendations even if moved to a different location

We help everybody to live a better and healthier life, find new friends, and, who knows, maybe even partners.

This is a global site with equal respect to all races, nationalities and religions. Visitors from small village in Andes are equally welcome to those from the megapolis of Beijing.

This site was created, developed and is run by a single person, avid sports fan. My name is Marius, and I am crazy about badminton. After one unfortunate accident (soccer!), my knee was injured, and I had to spend over two months immobilized. As I could not participate in any sports activities, I decided to contribute in a different way - that's how the idea behind the site was born. Even though I take care of the site alone, it would be totally worthless without all the participants. That's why I say "We" in the beginning of the page - the community helps itself, I just take care of technical aspects, design and programming. With that said, I encourage you to go create a profile, add the details of your club, and join our friendly community!
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