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Norton Support Help 1-844-866-4701 |
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Reinstall Norton Antivirus Product

 Before you start reinstall

1. The Norton reinstall tool uninstall most Norton antivirus product, and reinstall latest version.
2. You should have Internet connectivity
3. The tools does not remove Norton Family and Norton utilities
4. It remove your Norton Identity safe local Vault
5. Norton antivirus products which are offer by services provider such as Comcast or Deutsche Telekom, are not removed by this tool.
6. Download and run the Norton Remove tool

 Download and run the Reinstall tool :

1. Download the Norton Reinstall tool(Save the file to the desktop)
2. Open download window in your browser and press CTRL+J key
3. Double Click on NRnR icon
4. Click Agree and read license agreement
5. Click Reinstall.
6. Click Continue or Remove.
7. Click Restart Now.

Note: If you have Norton Family then, firstly uninstall it before you run the Norton Reinstall tool.
After the restarts computer, follow the instructions on-screen to reinstall your Norton Product.

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